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  • Threemen- Marketing Consultant for School Branding
      With the marketing philosophy of having a global vision while keeping in mind the national culture and the brand-establishing strategy of “brand Rubic’s cubes: three dimensions and six sides”, Threemen has formed effective schemes to order for all manner of schools, colleges and other educational institutes both at home and abroad to make their names known. Through integrating every propagation channel, we have held a host of grand marketing activities aimed at meeting local needs, supported educational brand creating and marketing, helped seek advantages and realized valid value increment of the brand in market operation. Threemen supplies services in offering annual (quarterly or monthly) advertisement and marketing of the due brand on the client's behalf guided by an overall marketing strategy. By so doing, we will, from an objective point of view, choose the optimal communication channel to transfer the information of the brand to the target people and make the brand a consumption example and consumers'first preference. Currently, we provide you online, gift, activity, paper and advertisement marketing services.
  • ● Network Marketing
      When in winter, the Internet only sees the profit of distance learning grow, which leaves us no choices but to face up to a fresh marketing mould-online marketing. It refers to offering advertising plans best fit for netizens'appetite and a variety of marketing online activities custom-made for different educational institutes by means of the net and characterized by an online analysis of consumers’ behavior. Such activities cover forums, blogs, news, video, e-magazine, the Internet ads as well as advisory marketing.Through these various moulds,in-depth communication can be set up and consumers' loyalty to the product be shaped.
  • ● Gift Marketing
      Sending presents to people is integral to the 2000-year-long history of China. Where there are Chinese, there is a way of living called presents giving. Presents, as emotional messenger, are named"ad hoc ads" in America which play the extensional function of ad marketing. Statistics show that US businessmen send 926 million dollars' worth of gifts annually, topping 50 million items. Giving gifts is a marketing method with higher cost performance, richer cultural taste and more individual elements. Therefore, gifts are undoubtedly the best carrier of the brand philosophy for those educational brands who deem highly of the culture and innovation. Threemen is versed in gift planning, designing, making and packing.
  • ● Activity Marketing
      Activity marketing is a method integrating one's own advantages, attracting the attention of the media and the participation of consumers by utilizing the hot social focus and organizing well-prepared activities and forming the good image of the brand and brand loyalty after personal experience of the product.This is not only a marketing method combining ads, sales promotion, public relations and propagation but also a brand-new method based on brand, relation and data marketing. It is an integrated comprehensive marketing manner featuring high intensity and high density. Under such circumstances as donations, anniversaries, exchanges, speeches, contests and so forth, it can be used to report the stories, supply online guidance and multi-media propagating and on-the-spot atmosphere planning to achieve the overall goal of marketing.
  • ● Print Marketing
      The publication of educational institutes,ranging from posted videos, propagation handbooks to teachers' works, convey to the consumers their information and culture. The non-final consumers like students' parents prefer reading substantial materials among which application forms are considered as "marketing materials"in some schools and colleges. Hence, Threemen is able to assist the clients both at home and abroad to best their institute, curriculum and campus introduction and direct printed matter so as to deliver accurate information to the eye of each and every consumer that they are looking for. Threemen is indeed an expert in this field.
  • ● Advertisement Marketing
      Harvard University put its ads on magazine Harper as early as in 1869 to establish its image, spread its ideas and expand its influence. Threemen, cooperating with other major media, employs all kinds of channels and carries out varied marketing campaigns catering to different requirements to help build a standing image and repute for its clients and beef up the molding and marketing of their brands. We also provide services in offering annual (quarterly or monthly) ads and marketing of the due brand on the client's behalf under an overall marketing strategy, including plane, radio, television and net media advertisements.
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Threemen- Marketing Consultant for School Branding
● school brand marketingTM
--providing solutions to brand loyalty

  Based on brand recognition,we will take a series of marketing activities to spread your brand philosophy, inspire brand imagination,strengthen brand memory in order to establish in-depth communication, formulate brand loyalty and finally meet the fixed goals. During this process, we will effectively achieve the target by analyzing and integrating network, gift, activity, paper, advertisement marketing methods in an all-round way.
● The three dimensions of the marketing magic cube

  he competitiveness of a product stems from the thorough understanding of the clients while unblocked channels guarantee its successful appearance in the market. In this sense, the idea of the marketing Rubic’s cube explains our strategy in three respects, namely demand, product and channel.
● The six sides of the marketing magic cube

  The competitiveness is the prism of that of a country in the international arena. In China, education evidently embodies features of public welfare. Yet, it is also a product since it is a major vein of fostering talented people and carrier of spreading knowledge. In answering the question as how to perform marketing strategies, improve competitive power and make success in the market, Threemen puts forth six perspectives to adapt educational brands to the changeable market environment. They are as follows, overall brand management, brand potential tapping, intelligence training, optimal grouping solutions, performance guarantee and need catering.


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